CARRYCOT AND BABY CARRIER Matrix Light 2 from Jané is the evolution of the classic Matrix from Jané. The only baby carrier on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely carrying your baby sitting up or lying down, both positions approved for travelling in the car. WE HAVE ONE EUROPEAN PRICE FOR ALL EUROPE. €199,00 INCL SENDING COSTS AND VAT! ALL 2016 OR 2015 MODELS! The new Matrix Light 2 is 20% lighter. The baby carrier offers greater depth and a larger interior making it more comfortable and safer in the event of an accident. The enveloping structure along with the extra protection in the integral Polystyrene inner lining act as a protective barrier and shock absorber. The integral harnesses are now very easy to adjust, just by pressing a button and sliding them to the right position for your baby. The belt clamps on the new model to attach the baby carrier to the car are more convenient and easier to use, fitted onto this model and inseparable from the baby carrier. Fitted with the Pro-fix system that means it can quickly and easily be fitted onto any Jané chassis.